Upgrade NFTs

The evolution of your owned GangstaBet NFT is at the tip of your finger! Unlike any other collectible, owners have full ownership and control over the level of their NFT which can be increased by burning $GBET.

Upgrading NFT's level and skill creates a dynamic element to the GangstaBet universe that introduces a genre of RPG factors in the future. As you upgrade your character’s skills, you will move up the ranks within the world of gangsters and detectives, with the ultimate goal of becoming a global mob leader or chief constable. These stats come into play when these characters take part in GangWars. You can read more about this here.

How can I upgrade my GangstaBet?

When you visit your GangstaBet's Profile, you may find a button called Upgrade Skill that opens a portal for you to upgrade your GangstaBet.

Each GangstaBet has their own unique set of skills depending on their class and type. You can preview and change the skill stats by clicking on the +/- button. Each skill upgrade costs a certain $GBET that increases based on the previous total skill point(SP).

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