Land Certificate

These are the certificates that will help you get the land in Emerald City. $CROWN can be used to mint them. Land Certificates will be distinguished by zones. The main zones in the Emerald City are Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Recreational, Governmental, Education, Health, and Airport. While minting with $CROWN you can get any of the land certificates on a random basis which will then get you land in the Emerald City. We are creating a new website with a marketplace where land certificates can be traded. The land certificates can also be traded in the CRAFT Marketplace.

One-third of the lands can be bought by a fixed amount of CROWN. The allocations of the land certificates will be completely random. But, what if you could get the land certificate for the zone you want? Now, you have the chance to “bribe” the system to ensure you get a specific zone.

How can you get Land Certificates?

You can get the land certificates either by burning only $CROWN, which will let you get the land certificate on a random basis. Or, you can get it by burning $CROWN and Bribe Tokens, which will guarantee you get the land certificate in the zone you want.

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