Use this section as a guide to the keywords and codes we use throughout the game.

🕴️ UNIT: Think of this as your very own gang member in the digital world. You own 'em, you control 'em. It's like having your personal NFT henchman in a battle.

🥊 ATTACK: Whenever your UNIT does something sneaky in a battle - be it smackin' someone with a bat, shooting 'em up, or just giving 'em the evil eye, that's an ATTACK.

❤️ DAMAGE: How much life's been sucked outta your UNIT. Watch out for this one!

🛡️ SHIELD DAMAGE: When your UNIT's shield takes a hit instead of them.

🎯 TARGET: The poor sap on the other end of your ATTACK.

🔫 MAIN/CASTER: The big boss dishing out the ATTACK. This includes every punch, kick, and curse they throw out.

👥 TEAM: Your very own gang squad. A buncha UNITS teamed up.

🎭 EVENT: It's like a scene in a mob movie. Your UNIT's interacting with someone or something, maybe making deals or threats.

💪 BUFF: When your UNIT feels like Superman. It's a good thing!

🤕 DEBUFF: When your UNIT's feeling under the weather or got a bad omen. Not so good.

👟 SNEAK MOVES: Your UNIT's secret tricks. Some just happen, and some you gotta command.

⏱️ GAME TURN (GT): It's like a scene in the battle movie. Stuff happens, but sometimes it doesn't. And then we move to the next scene.

🎲 PLAYER TURN (PT): When your UNIT is the star of the show in that game turn.

🔄 CYCLE: It's like the end of a chapter. Every UNIT's had its time in the spotlight, and now we start afresh.

🔟 ROUND: Ten turns make a ROUND. Like a boxing match, ya know?

💼 PRIMARY STAT (PS): The natural talent of your UNIT. Born with it.

📊 SECONDARY STAT (SS): The skills your UNIT's got from training and experience.

🏃 SPEED (SPD): How quickly your UNIT can jump into action.

🔧 DURA/AMMO: How long do your tools of the trade last? If it's -1, congrats, it's unbreakable!

⚔️ REACTION: That instant "I ain't taking that!" move when someone hits your UNIT.

🎯 HIT CHANCE: Can your UNIT hit the bullseye or are they shooting blanks?

🌫️ DODGE CHANCE: Can your UNIT dance away from danger?

🩹 SUPPORT EFFECTIVENESS: How good's your UNIT at helping out the gang? Healing, backing up, the whole deal.

✨ SUPPORT TRIGGER CHANCE (STC): The odds of your UNIT pulling off a special move. Like if a blade has a 10% chance to make 'em bleed, with STC, those odds go up!

Remember, in the world of GangWars, knowledge is power. So keep this lingo guide handy!

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