RPS Features

Stats and Leaderboard

We have a few more things aside from the game itself. General Stats consisting of the total number of players, games played, and no. of transactions are shown including the $CROWN and $ICX reward pools and the platform fee. The reward pools and the platform fee are further discussed in the Tokenomics section.

A leaderboard is maintained for each round. RPS will be played in rounds which usually will consist of 1 week, as new crimes/games are introduced the rounds' duration will increase accordingly. Once a round is over, all the stats and scores will be reset. Each new round is a fresh start, however previous round stats will always be recorded on blockchain so that legacy continues.


Each player has a profile in the minigame which consists of their basic stats, and historical data. You can peruse their profile, and add them as a friend to play with them in the future or start a conversation.


Respect as the word says. It's a symbol of duels, fame, and age. As you play the game, you will earn respect from other players based on your actions. With this fame, later as more games get introduced the utility for respect will dominate in every aspect of minigames on GangstaVerse.

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