Note: This roadmap offers a glimpse into our planned feature releases, although it does not encompass all forthcoming additions. It is important to note that while the current plan is presented in a sequential manner, there is a possibility of changes and adjustments, including the introduction of new elements.

Immediate plans

  • GangWars on BASE: GangWars on Base will be our first initiative where people in different chains can participate directly or indirectly in GangWars games. The plan is to have several characters generated at BASE (offchain) after staking characters in ICON. You can read more about it here.
  • GangWars Update: After sucessfully having the game live in BASE the plan is to have a part of the team work on the next update for GangWars. This will include adding more depth in the game with new scalable formulas, option to upgrade weapons, newer events/assets(weapons, items and sneak moves), ranking system, renting system and new game modes.
  • Civilians Minting: Minting Gen0 Civilians using Golden Keys and GangstaBet NFTs.

Long-term plans

  • GangstaVerse Families: Introducing Families in GangstaVerse which can be formed by GangstaBet NFTs consisting of GangstaBets and Civilians bound by loyalty, prioritizing their own interests and protection. They maintain power through alliances, intimidation, and conflicts with rivals or law enforcement.
  • Main Game: This is the main map game of the Emerald City where the GangstaBets can take on operations and Civilians can go on journeys to earn rewards.
  • Interchain GangWars: Partnering with other projects to allow their assets to fight against GangstaBets in GangWars.(Ongoing)
  • Emerald City Land Public Sale: Public sale of the remaining lands of the Emerald City.
  • GangWars soft launch in another chain: Launching Gang Wars game in another chain. (ongoing)
  • Mini-games: A simple Mafia-themed mini-game. With this, we will open it up to our community to create and launch Gangster and Detective themed mini-games where people can play and win different rewards.

GangstaVerse, thus far

Q3 2023
Q2 2023
  • GangstaBet Illustration mint completed
  • GangWars game update
    • Leaderboard,
    • Hospitalization,
    • Cooldowns
Q1 2023
  • GangstaVerse: GangWars
  • GangstaBet Illustration Reveal begins

Q4 2022

  • GangstaBet rebrand to GangstaVerse
  • Launch of GangstaVerseDAO
  • GangstaBet Illustration public sale

Q3 2022

  • Land Ownership Certificates (LOC) public sale and sold out in 40 hours
  • The Emerald City trailer launch
  • The Emerald City map reveal

Q2 2022

  • GOLDEN Keys release
  • $CROWN Launch
  • Released and Airdropped Bribe Token
  • Bank in Emerald City launch

Q1 2022

  • The Emerald City announcement
  • GangstaBet Stories

Q4 2021

  • CPS Proposal Approved by ICON P-Reps
  • GangstaBet minting started
  • Sold out in less than a week!
  • $CROWN announcement and reward distribution to LP providers begins