In the high-stakes world of GangWars, every battle kickstarts with an "event." Think of it as a pivotal moment that can shape the course of the clash. Each event comes with its own set of conditions, like a puzzle needing the right pieces. For instance, a healing event only rolls out when there's a wounded member in the squad. If the conditions aren't just right, the event takes a backseat, waiting for the next opportunity to jump into the fray.

Here is the list of some common events that may occur in your battle, as of GangWars' current version. Be aware that new events are always being built and will be introduced whenever possible.


Brawl Fight 3v3

When the streets get heated, three from each side throw down! After the dust settles, if any of 'em are still standing, they throw their punches right back.

Gang up 2 v 1

Two wise guys decide to corner one poor soul from the opposing gang. It ain't fair, but in GangWars, anything goes.

Hide and Heal

Sometimes you gotta lay low and patch up. Two gang members find a quiet spot to lick their wounds and get back in the fight.

Assassin's Kiss

From the shadows, a lethal bullet laced with poison finds its mark. It's a deadly dance and the target is left reeling.

Never Fight Clean

Two from our side jump into the fray, but the other gang? They ain't just gonna watch. Expect fists flying back if they're still breathing.

Suicidal Dumbness

Every gang has that one member. You know, the one who can't tell friend from foe? One unlucky teammate's about to find out the hard way.

Slow Down!

One gangster has a trick up his sleeve. The next two rivals? Their speed's about to take a nosedive.

Cover Fire and Heal

Three of our best: one mends wounds, another lays down the heat, and the third? He's making sure they're not in the crosshairs.

Hide and Shoot

Sneaky, sneaky! One from our gang slips out of sight, only to pop up and deliver a surprise shot.

Brother in Arm

In the darkest moments, one member steps up, healing a wounded brother and shielding him from further harm.

Coward Move

Look, sometimes the best strategy is to live to fight another day. The most banged-up member? He's ducking out.


Blinded by fury, one gangster's blows hit harder than ever. That's one target who's about to feel the pain.

He Needs to Die

It's an all-out assault on one rival member. Four gangsters, one mission: take him down.

STR Duel

Two enter, and one leaves. They flex and size each other up, with the strongest delivering a crushing blow and possibly leaving the loser dazed.

ACC Duel

It's a sharpshooter showdown. The one with the steadiest hand wins, leaving the loser poisoned and boosting the winner's critical hit chance.

MAS Duel

Weaponry expertise is on display. The winner not only deals a blow but also swipes some ammo from the loser.

AGI Duel

It's a race! The faster gun takes the lead, leaving the slower one trailing behind.

LUK Duel

Luck's a fickle mistress. The luckier gangster delivers a solid hit and shields himself up.

1v1 Show Down

One on one, toe to toe. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just two gangsters and their weapons.

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