Name Change

The owners of the GangstaBet NFTs can change the name by using (burning) $GBET tokens. The cost to change the name of the NFTs is 360 $GBET i.e. worth one month of daily distribution. The rules for changing names are:

  • No name can be identical

  • There is a limit of 25 symbols (including spaces)

  • Uniqueness is case insensitive (i.e. «John» and «john» are considered the same for the blockchain)

  • There are no leading or trailing «spaces»

  • Only alphanumeric symbols are eligible for use

  • Used names become available immediately after the name of the NFT is changed

The name of a GangstaBet will be shown all over the GangstaVerse in places like GangWars, The Emerald City, Marketplace, etc.

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