GangstaBet's Profile

The GangstaBet Profile is the centralized collection of all the critical information and meta data that are used to identify an individual NFT and their traits. The profile is the portal to many interactions with your GangstaBet and the platform. Through the profile, you can set for sale, create stories, upgrade skills, change name, transfer your GangstaBet and claim daily $GBET of your owned NFT(s).

GangstaBet's Properties

GangstaBet Properties are the set of attributes that the NFT has which makes it unique from other GangstaBets. Each properties can be used to filter out and search in marketplace for the your desired NFT.

GangstaBet Skills Set

Each GangstaBet has 5 skills set depending on their class and sub-class that can be maxed out to 100 SP for each. The total SP that a single GangstaBet can reach is 500 in which all of the 5 skills are maxed out.

Transaction History

Transaction history is the collection of all the transaction activities including name change and NFT sold, on the ICON blockchain for your NFT.

The transaction history in the profile page doesn't track the SOLD transaction on the platform.

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