Primary Stats

(Like you are born with it)

Before delving into the intricacies of skill attributes, let's understand the backbone of any GangstaBet - the Primary Stats:

Strength (STR)

This is the raw power, the muscle, the might! It determines the HP (Health Points) and the physical damage a GangstaBet can deal in the gritty streets of GangWars. The higher the strength, the more formidable and resilient the GangstaBet.

Accuracy (ACC)

Every gangster needs precision, especially when taking a shot. ACC dictates the hit rate and the critical damage potential. For those GangstaBets with default weapons, ACC becomes even more crucial, dictating the actual damage inflicted.

Mastery (MAS)

A true gangster is a master of their weapons. MAS influences the Ammo/Durability of the weapon in hand. Some weapons even demand a certain level of MAS to be wielded effectively, making it an indispensable stat.

Agility (AGI)

In the fast-paced alleys of GangWars, agility can mean the difference between life and death. AGI impacts the ability to dodge attacks and the overall speed of the GangstaBet.

Luck (LUK)

Every gangster needs a bit of luck on their side. LUK influences the effectiveness and trigger chances of support equipment, adding that unpredictable edge to a GangstaBet's arsenal.

Now folks! We do have a method in place to calculate these stats from your character skill attributes, after all, what you do is what you are.

This table explains how the weight distribution is mapped to generate the above-mentioned primary stats for the character.

Now once the primary stats are on the line and figured they serve as basic stats for any other generated stats, These stats are used to calculate your secondary stats which are a crucial component for the incoming battle.

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