The Emerald City

Introducing The Emerald City on the ICON Blockchain.

Here is a city where Gangsters and Detectives reside, several lands for anyone to own but only a GangstaBet with power can control it. But is that all? Who has kept the city running until now? In a city full of humans, aliens, dinosaurs, zombies, cyborgs and ghosts; mob families run the city, when will they reveal themselves?

The Emerald City is the first major city to be launched as a part of the GangstaVerse on the ICON blockchain. The city is the home to all the GangstaBets who will fight for control over the lands of the city.

The city covers a huge area with 11,111 lands, spanning across multiple districts which bring life to the city. The lands are NFTs on the ICON blockchain, they all have a unique place in The Emerald City that can be bought and sold. These lands are divided into different zone types, each type will serve a certain purpose. You can read more about Emerald City Land here.

The Emerald City as it stands

Right now The Emerald City is the turf where GangWars alpha is taking place. As per the requirement of GangWars Alpha, the land has a role in determining what is at stake for a GangWar match.

1,516 lands have already been minted.

The future plan for The Emerald City

More info soon.

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