Hospitalization State

After participating in a GangWar, GangstaBets go to a cooldown state called a Hospitalization state. The cooldown period is different for each NFT, it depends on the percentage of damage that has been incurred during the war, as well as their overall health points. For a 100% recovery, the recovery time lasts for 24 hours. During this time, the NFTs will not be able to participate in any war.

A GangstaBet would be able to get out of the Hospitalization state by paying a certain fee. The fee will be in $CROWN in ICON and in $USD in Base.

The formula to determine the Hospitalization Fee (HF) of a GangstaBet NFT that has entered the hospitalization state is:

HF = (FP - SP) *TH/10 * 0.8 * CPP

Hospitalization Fee = (Final Percentage - Starting Percentage) * Total HP/10 * 0.8* Cost Per Percentage

The CROWN Fee required to heal your NFTs depends on various factors. Both the starting percentage of an NFT before participating in the war and the final percentage after damages suffered are taken into account as well as the Total Health Points of an NFT.

The formula is the same for both ICON and Base Blockchain, the only difference will be the Cost Per Percentage rate.

The Cost per percentage rate is a fixed rate. This will apply to every percentage of damages of the NFT.

For ICON, the CPP rate is 5 $CROWN and for BASE, the rate is 0.0085 $USD.

In this way, with the formula, the amount needed to recover your character from the Hospitalization state can be calculated.

Please refer to this tutorial if you want to know how to recover from Hospitalization State.

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