Setting up your wallet

You will need to set up a wallet to dive into the world of Gangsters and Detectives. Although there are various different wallets, we recommend starting with Hana Wallet for its multichain capabilities and ease of use.

You can go to the Hana Wallet Website, or you can directly download the extension available for Chrome or Brave browser.

Once you've downloaded the Hana Wallet, you should see the logo appear adjacent to your toolbar.

After clicking on the extension, you will be shown this page. If you already have an existing Hana or ICONex wallet, you can simply import it using the seed phrase. If you don't, you can create a new wallet.

Create Account

  1. To create a new Wallet, please click Create Account in the extension. The first step is to choose a new password for your wallet.

  1. You will be shown 12 seed words for your wallet. These 12 words are the only way to recover your account, so be sure to

You can choose to copy the images and paste them somewhere safe, or write them down. After you have stored them safely, please click continue.

  1. You will be asked to confirm your seed phrases by selecting them in the correct order.

  1. As Hana is a multichain wallet, at this point you will be asked to choose the chains you would like to use with Hana. For GangstaVerse, please select the ICON chain, and you can choose the rest as needed.

  1. You will be asked to read and accept Hana Wallet's Terms of use and Privacy Policy.

  1. Your Hana Wallet has been successfully created.

  1. Be sure to Backup your wallet. To Backup, go to Settings->Wallet where you will be shown this screen. After clicking Backup Wallet, you will be prompted to confirm your password.

Typically for ERC-20 wallets, backing up your seed phrase is recommended. But for ICON wallets, you can choose to download Keystore file and private key. You can restore your wallet using seed phrase, keystore file, or private key anytime.

Note: Do not share your private key, seed phrase information, or keystore file with anyone under any circumstance.

Restore an Existing Wallet

If you already have an existing ICON wallet(ICONex or Hana), you can also choose to restore it.

  1. Go to Add Wallet and click on Restore Wallet

  1. You can restore an old wallet using either a private key or the wallet's keystore file.

  1. To restore your wallet using the private key, simply add the private key to the wallet, and you're all set.

  1. To restore your wallet using the Keystone file, you will be redirected to the website version of the extension, where you can upload your keystore file.

After uploading, you can click continue and you're all set.

Receiving ICX Tokens

In order to receive/send ICX tokens, you would need to know your wallet address. For that, head over to the Manage Tokens tab, where you will see options to either send or receive tokens to an address.

Send Tokens

  1. All of your owned Tokens and NFTs will be shown in this tab. Simply select the Tokens you wish to send.

  1. After selecting the token you wish to send, please input the recipient's ICX address. You can also easily transfer between your accounts in this tab.

  1. Select the amount of Tokens you wish to send. Before sending the tokens, please confirm the details of the account you're sending them to.

Recieve Tokens

  1. Simply select the Token you wish to receive.

  1. To receive tokens, you can either use the QR code or copy the wallet address underneath and send them to the person sending the token.

Please note: Unlike your private key (which again, you should NEVER share with anyone!), your wallet address/public key is meant to be shared with other people.

Anyone who knows your public key can only send you ICX tokens, but they cannot withdraw any ICX tokens from your personal wallet.

However, also keep in mind, that if someone knows your public key, they can view all your past transaction history (this is the inherent nature of all public blockchains, such as the ICON network).

So, if you want someone to send you ICX tokens but you don’t want them to view your wallet’s history, simply create a new (blank) wallet, and give them the public key to the latter, instead.

There is no limit to how many personal wallets you can own/create.

Congrats, that’s all there is to it!

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