GangstaBet NFTs

GangstaBet was inspired by classic gangster movies, entailing a constant battle between gangsters and detectives. Each character tells a unique story about their life as they try to climb to the helm. From a casino worker to a mob boss, or a junior detective to a chief constable, GangstaBet writes their entire journey on the blockchain.

These characters are unique with varying teams, classes, and appearances. These are extrinsic properties that will make them valuable based on their rarity.


Characters can either become gangsters or detectives. Within each group, there will be a variety of classes with a specific set of skills. For example, Gangsters are assigned a class like The Pokerstar, The Marksman, The Rumrunner, and Detectives are assigned classes like The Commander, The Brains, and The Brute. Their rarity will vary too.

Skills & Appearances

Each class will have five skills, with three skills as core to the type of GangstaBet (Gangster or Detective), and the other two will be determined by the class.

For example, The Pokerstar will have the skills of racketeering, shooting, gambling, intelligence, and strategy. In addition, every GangstaBet’s appearance will vary greatly. Characters may be female or male, have red hair, a suit, or a trench coat, and will be drinking a beer, or shooting a gun! Similarly, the background of every character will be different. Some characters may have a background of a specific color, some may have a playing card and others could have a martini! All of these features will vary in rarity.

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Unlike other collectibles, buyers have full ownership and control over their GangstaBet’s evolution. The skills of a GangstaBet can be increased by burning $GBET. As you increase your character’s skills, you will move up the ranks within the world of gangsters and detectives, with the ultimate goal of becoming a global mob leader or chief constable. As you move up the ranks as a gangster or a detective, it will become increasingly difficult to reach the top of the game. In addition, buyers will be able to change the name of their GangstaBet. The names of every GangstaBet will be unique, which means that no two characters can ever share the same name.

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