Items in GangWars: The Secret Sauce to Every Fight

Every seasoned gangster knows that sometimes, raw power and strategy ain't enough. That's where items come into play in GangWars. Think of them as those little tricks up your sleeve - the special sauce that can turn the tide of a battle. Wrapped up as IRC31 assets, these babies are consumed before stepping into the fiery world of a GangWar, giving your GangstaBet that extra edge.

Now, not all items are made equal. They're split into two main types.

These are like your energy drinks or secret potions. Pop one of these and bam! Your GangstaBet's in-game stats get a juicy boost. It's all about amplifying those strengths.

Every stat item in GangWars is linked to a specific stat, like how Popeye's got his spinach for strength. But here, it's more flavorful! Take the "Sushi" stat item, for instance. It's all about that "Agility". But here's where things get interesting: these items come in varying bite sizes.

Here is the list of items with their description and stats they affect:

For Each Items, there are different proportionate sizes and how much they add to the stats:

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