GangstaBets in GangWars

GangstaBets: The Heartbeat of GangstaVerse

In the gritty, neon-lit alleys of GangstaVerse, the GangstaBet characters reign supreme. Each GangstaBet is a unique digital avatar, an NFT with distinct attributes and skills, representing the player in this sprawling digital underworld. These characters are more than just pixelated figures; they carry stories, wield weapons, and harbor aspirations. Upgradable and customizable, they evolve, strategize, and battle, making them the central players in the high-stakes game of GangWars. Whether they're dodging bullets, forging alliances, or strategizing their next move, GangstaBets are the embodiment of the audacious spirit of GangstaVerse.

Skill Attributes:

Alright, gangsters! Let's get to know our crew a bit better. In the world of GangWars, every NFT's its own personality, its own swagger. It's all about the Class, Type, and Skill Attributes. Here's how they line up:




Those muscle-bound enforcers who ain't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Skills: Racketeering, Gambling, Intimidation, Shooting, Physicality


They've got the cards, the smarts, and the guts to play any hand.

Skills: Racketeering, Gambling, Strategy, Shooting, Intelligence


With a knack for the streets and a crew that'll follow them anywhere.

Skills: Racketeering, Gambling, Street Smart, Shooting, Leadership


Cool, calm, collected. They never miss.

Skills: Racketeering, Gambling, Intelligence, Shooting, Patience


They know the alleys, the shortcuts, and they've got the guts.

Skills: Racketeering, Gambling, Street Smart, Shooting, Physicality



Always a step ahead, always on the prowl, always seeking the truth.

Skills: Logic, Incorruptible, Intuition, Critical Thinking, Imagination


The mastermind. They see the bigger picture and every little detail.

Skills: Logic, Incorruptible, Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Attention to Details.

All these skills can reflect at 0 or go all the way up to 100 on the scale. Now, apart from these swaggering skills, remember, every unit also has its primary and secondary stats. These numbers give them an edge and a unique flavor, and let 'em stand tall in the GangWars.

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