GangWars LootCrates: The Ultimate Prize

Dive into the world of GangWars, where victories are sweetened with LootCrates – the treasured NFTs (IRC31 tokens) that every player covets. What's inside? A delightful mix of collectibles and perishables that can reshape your GangWars destiny. For the traders among you, the CRAFT market stands ready to facilitate your buying and selling desires.

What’s Inside a LootCrate?

Inside these coveted crates, players might discover:

  • Equipment (Collectibles): Your key to dominance in the GangWars arena.

  • Items (Perishable): Consumables that can give you a tactical edge.

  • Sneak Moves (Perishable): The secret moves that can tip the scales in your favor.

Follow the individual link to learn more about each of these.

LootCrate Varieties

LootCrates aren't one-size-fits-all. Different scenarios in the game grant different crates:

  • GangWars Prepkit LootCrate: Starter gear that was given before GangWars was announced. Some of these might still be circulating in the marketplace.

  • GangWars Rewards LootCrate: For those who emerge victorious in the GangWars. The rewards in this lootcrate depends on the type of match that it was earned through.

  • GangWars Title LootCrates: For those who make a name in GangWars. At the end of every match the outstanding players are given a title based on their feats (highest damage dalth, highest heal provided or a general rating). Any winner of these titles will get a Title LootCrates. These lootcrates only contain items and sneak moves.

Diving Deeper into LootCrate Mechanics

Upon winning a GangWar, members of the triumphant team receive LootCrates. But no two crates are the same! Their contents vary, tailored to the specific context of each GangWar. Special GangWars, arising from unique community or in-game events, offer exclusive LootCrates. Players can always check the upcoming GangWar list to preview the LootCrate on offer. Their Droprates willl be updated and placed here.

Special LootCrates for the Elite

For those who crave exclusivity, here's a deeper dive into some special LootCrates:

  • Starter Crate: Basic tools for the newbie, with a slim chance of a weapon.

  • Premium Crate: For the connoisseur, featuring top-tier weapons and items.

  • Alpha, Golden, Annihilator, SOS, MVP Crates: Reward crates for the champions of GangWars, each with its unique offering.

  • Auction Crate: The crème de la crème. Limited in number, these crates house the very best of GangWars.

Every GangWar is a chance to earn these treasures. Depending on the GangWars' context, victors might walk away with Alpha Crates or the more luxurious Golden Crates or ICX Crates. Curious players can always check the list of upcoming GangWars to know what's at stake.

In essence, GangWars is not just about the thrill of the fight, but also the allure of the LootCrates. So gear up, strategize, and may the best loot fall into your hands!

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