Creating stories

Stories are a collection of text that the owners can add to their GangstaBet NFTs. Along with names & skills, Stories will add a new dimension of uniqueness, desirability & expression for each individual character.

Writing stories of your GangstaBet as a medium of expression will have unique outcomes, not just in the kind of stories that will be written but also in the way people are going to value the GangstaBet NFTs.

How can I create my GangstaBet's Story?

Creating a story for your GangstaBet can be done by visiting your GangstaBet's Profile. Each GangstaBet can have unique and complex storylines as well as plots for which users have the freedom to create and choose their GangstaBet's Journey.

You can add your new story or continue with previous storylines, by clicking on the add story button. Though you can add infinite stories lines and plots to your GangstaBet, each new addition to your stories has a limit of 500 Characters and burn 24 $GBET.

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