Voting GangstaBet Prep

The Gangstabet team is an ICON P-Rep and is continuously building and contributing to the ICON community. Anyone who delegates their ICX votes to the GangstaBet P-Rep will earn $CROWN tokens from a monthly pool of 1,000,000 $CROWN tokens which will run for at least six months.

The $CROWN reward will depend on the quantity and period of the ICX vote.

You can vote to Gangstabet P-Rep through OMM Dashboard

How to delegate ICX votes to Gangstabet P-Rep?

Voting GangstaBet P-Rep can be done in 2 ways, either by staking OMM tokens or by staking ICX. Let's see how we can stake OMM tokens at first.

1) Open OMM Dashboard

2) Sign in with ICON wallet

3) Stake OMM from the Vote tab

3) Scroll a little downwards and you will see the list of P-Reps, click on + of GangstaBet to vote and save.

4) This is it, now you will receive $CROWN for voting GangstaBet P-Rep through staking OMM tokens.

Now, let's move to how you can stake ICX and vote.

1) Go to your ICONex wallet

2) Go to Voting > My status

3) Choose your wallet in the wallet name.

4) First, you need to stake. So, adjust the stake amount.

5) After staking, you will see the "Delegate" section from where you can vote

6) Click on vote

7) When you click on the vote, you will see the list of P-Reps, choose GangstaBet and you can delegate the % of ICX you want.

8) Lastly, click on the vote

9) Congratulations, now you will be rewarded with $CROWN which you can see on your wallet for voting the GangstaBet.

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