Secondary Stats

Secondary stats come from the primary stats. Imagine if primary stats are like big buckets of skills, and secondary stats are smaller, specific things inside those buckets.

From primary stats, we derive the secondary stats using certain formulas. Have a look at the secondary stats and their breakdown:

List of the Secondary Stats

1. Dodge Chance

Represents how likely a GangstaBet can avoid an attack. And, nope, weapons don’t affect this!

((LUK x 1.5) + (AGI x 0.75)) x 0.05 / 100

2. Hit Chance

The likelihood of your GangstaBet striking its target. Here, you add the hit rates of your NFT, weapon, and item.

( (ACC x 3) + (MAS x 1) ) x 0.07 / 100

3. Crit Chance

This is the golden chance of landing a whopping double damage hit. For this, you combine the crit rates of your NFT, weapon, and item.

( (ACC x 3) + (MAS x 2) ) x 0.02 / 100

4. Health

Quite simply, it's the life of your GangstaBet. When this hits zero, it's game over.

(ACC+MAS+AGI+LUK) + (STRx2) x 3 0.6

5. Durability/Ammunition

Think of this as the stamina of your weapon. It's a multiplier, and when it's used up, your GangstaBet switches to its default weapon.

(MAS x 3) x 3 x 0.08 / 100

6. Speed

Determines the order in which GangstaBets are chosen for an event.


7. Healing Amount

Dictated by how much luck is in your favor, it's the health boost a GangstaBet can offer.

( LUK * 4 ) *0.07 / 100

Listen folks! The formulas used above are effective on current version of GangWars (v1.1.1a). As we progress, the formulas will be modified, and you will be informed.

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