Game Units


In the fast-paced world of GangWars, it's all about who gets the first move. Each GangstaBet steps up based on their speed ranking. They've got this thing called Speed (SPD) that determines their turn. Once everyone in the team has had their moment in the spotlight, the cycle concludes. Now here's the kicker: After each cycle, we shake things up a bit. The speed stats might change, and the lineup might get refreshed. So the fastest GangstaBet takes the lead, followed by the next, and this goes on till the last member has had their turn.


Now, onto the teams! A GangWar is a grand showdown with up to 10 GangstaBets fighting it out. If you're an NFT holder, you can link up your wallet and choose your champion GangstaBet to represent you. But remember, you've got to be early - a day early, to be precise. These chosen warriors are then split into two factions. And if the numbers ain't even? No worries! We've got a crafty bot waiting in the wings to level the playing field.


Picture this: All 10 players, each showcasing their unique flair and skills, one after the other. That spectacle? That's what we call a round. Breaking it down further: A PLAYER TURN (PT) is like a scene where a unit struts its stuff. A CYCLE wraps up when every member of the team has had their moment to shine. And after 10 of these exhilarating turns, that's when we say a ROUND is complete.

So, whether you're strategizing or just enjoying the thrill, remember - in GangWars, every move counts. To see the war in action from a safe distance you can visit our history page to get a taste of the action.

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