GBET Token

GangstaBet Token ($GBET) is the native utility token of GangstaBet that is based on the IRC-2 standard of the ICON Network which is similar to ERC20 in Ethereum. $GBET has utilities that will be burned (used) while changing the name of the owned NFT, upgrading skills, and creating the stories for your Gangstabet NFTs (new update released).

Gangstabet owners earn $GBET on a daily basis till 2030 by just holding the NFT.


The $GBET is only supplied to the participants in two ways.

  1. Through initial distribution during the GangstaBet NFT mint.

  2. Through daily distribution to the NFT holders.

No $GBET except those that are pre-minted will be produced through any process, but $GBET can be exchanged with bnUSD through balancedDEX. This ensures that the value of $GBET is determined by the market and not controlled by the creators.

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