GangWars in GangstaVerse

GangWars is the first web3 game that was introduced as a part of GangstaVerse. This is not the only game that will be a part of the GangstaVerse but was put first in the GangstaVerse development list to provide depth to the whole GangstaVerse world.

GangWars brings many new things to the table (equipment, items, etc.) while giving utility to the already present aspects of GangstaVerse (skill to stats, weapons of Gangstabets . . .)

An important point to be noted is that GangWars is not the full Emerald City game. GangWars will be a part of the full game experience but for now, it is a different game that takes place in The Emerald City using the GangstaBets and introducing new assets in the form of equipment, items, sneak moves (off-chain), and LootCrates.

To learn more about GangWars specifically, we have a section dedicated to the game, here.

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