Equipment (Weapons)

Weapons in GangWars: Packin' Heat in Style

You might've heard about GangWars - the streets are buzzing with tales of GangstaBets going toe-to-toe. But what's a gangster without their weapon? In the gritty world of GangWars, weapons, represented as IRC31 tokens, aren't just for show. They're the tools of the trade, and they play a massive role in how the battles unfold.

A Little Extra: Equipment Types:

It's not all about the offense in GangWars. While some equipment is designed to bring the pain, others are there to give a helping hand. Equipment can be divided into:

  • Offensive Equipment: The bread and butter of any good tussle. These are the tools GangstaBets use to dish out the damage.

  • Support Equipment: Introduced in the upcoming phase, these are all about having your gang's back. From beers and cocktails to leather handbags, they offer a helping hand when the going gets tough.

So, whether you're looking to dominate the streets or just make a flashy entrance, GangWars has got the arsenal to suit every GangstaBet's needs.

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