RPS Gameplay

The game is simple. A player can either host a game or if games are available, join a game hosted by other people. To host a game, the player has to place a wager and select their move. The bet will be made in either ICX or the Emerald City’s token CROWN. For players who want to participate in a hosted game, they have to match the bet and choose their move.

The choices of the move are as mentioned in the title of the game, Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Each player can choose any of the available options. There are three possible endings to the game, a win, a loss, and a draw.

The gameplay depends on three main rules: Paper captures Rock, Rock breaks Scissors, and Scissors cuts Paper. A player who chooses Rock will win against a player who chooses Scissors, but lose if the choice is Paper instead. If both players choose Rock, i.e. the same move, then the game will end in a draw.

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