Character Generation

In Base, GangWar is made more accessible by removing the need to own the assets. Playable Characters can be claimed from the pool of Characters. These Characters are generated by staking the NFTs on the first chain - ICON.

Character Generation starts with staking GangstaBet NFTs on ICON, and these NFTs can be claimed by players on BASE, and renewed after their holding period has expired.

Staking GangstaBets on Icon

To generate these characters, there will be a limited slot for the GangstaBet owners on Icon to stake their GangstaBet NFTs. One staked GangstaBet NFT on Icon will generate fifteen playable characters on Base that will go into a common character pool. The level and type of GangstaBet define the levels and types of generated characters.

These stakers will get a share of the rewards generated when people play GangWars on Base. These rewards will be based on the level and type of GangstaBet that is staked.

Character Staking on ICON has been completed for Season 1, and the pool of Characters has been generated.

Claiming Characters on Base

To play in Base, players will need Playable GangstaBet Characters. We are offering two free Playable Characters to claim. The claim period lasts 7 days, but the characters can be renewed after 7 days are over. A step-by-step guide to claiming free characters can be found in the tutorials here.

If you choose to claim other NFTs aside from the starting characters, you can hire them from the Marketplace. The Characters can be hired for a period of 30 days by spending USDT on Base.

Hiring Characters

Playable Characters can also be hired from the Marketplace. Hired Characters will be available for a period of 30 days. The cost of renting Playable Characters is as follows:

Already hired characters can be renewed again once their claim period has expired. If players choose to renew characters and have played with the characters during the last three days of the rent period, they will be able to rent for free for an extra 7 days.

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