Gameplay Stage

As the anticipation builds, teams prep for the clash. Splitting evenly, we're looking at potential 5v5 face-offs. Before the first punch is thrown, players must decide which NFT will represent them in the brawl. But remember, if your NFT is recovering (hospitalized), it's out of the game.

Next, arm yourself! Players can pick a primary weapon for their NFT, provided it's ready for action (not on cooldown). Forget to choose or prefer to go old-school? Your NFT's default weapon steps up to the plate. On top of that, players can equip up to three items and three sneak moves to strategize their gameplay.

With preparations complete, the game kicks off, and players are divided into two fierce teams. As the clock ticks down to the start, passive sneak moves and stat-boosting items are activated, their effects echoing in the game log.

Speed is the name of the game here. NFTs with the fastest feet (or wheels, or wings) take the lead. But then, events shake things up. These events, often unpredictable, call on players from both teams based on their needs. For instance, two from one side might face off against one from the opposing team. Once you've had your turn in the spotlight, you'll need to wait your turn again, sitting out until all team members have had a go.

Events come with their own set of rules. Say there's a healing event on the horizon - it's only relevant if someone's injured. No injuries? The event is passed over. But with events coming in thick and fast, there's never a dull moment. Players can deploy sneak moves to tilt the odds in their favor. Plus, items, ever at the ready, jump into action when their specific conditions are met. For example, if poison courses through an NFT, an antidote is immediately administered.

Game End

GangWar: Determining Victory and Defeat

In the gritty streets of GangWar, battles are intense, and the difference between victory and defeat often lies in the details. Here's a breakdown of how the outcomes are decided.

Game End Conditions:

The end of a GangWar game is signalled when one of the teams' health points (HP) drops to zero. But determining the victor isn't always straightforward. Let's navigate through the various scenarios.

1. Winning Conditions:

  • Total Annihilation: The team left standing when their opponent's HP reaches zero emerges victorious.

  • Survival of the Fittest: If both teams are still standing when the game ends, the team with the highest remaining HP grabs the win.

  • Master Assassins: In the rare case both teams have the same HP, the victory goes to the team with the most kills.

  • Damage Dealers: When both HP and kills are equal, the team that has dealt the most damage during the game is declared the winner.

2. Losing Conditions:

  • Down and Out: If a team's HP drops to zero, they lose, regardless of their previous feats.

  • Outlasted: If the game ends and a team has less remaining HP than their opponents, they face defeat.

  • Missed Opportunities: In scenarios where both teams have equal HP, the team with fewer kills falls.

  • Less Impact: If kills are also equal, the team that dealt lesser damage during the game loses.

3. Tie-Breakers:

Even with these conditions, ties can occur. In the rare instance both teams have the same HP, kills, and damage dealt, the game ends in a tie. But fret not, both teams receive a lootcrate as a consolation prize for their valiant efforts.

Gear up, strategize, and may the best GangstaBet team win!

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