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GangstaVerse is a virtual world built on the ICON blockchain which consists of various digital collectibles, an immersive battle game, a virtual city with lands to own, and more under development.

It started on the ICON Blockchain with digital collectibles known as GangstaBets, consisting of 5555 Gangsters and Detective NFTs. Each GangstaBet is unique with their own story and skill level progression. This concept of powerful gangsters and detectives has been further expanded to include: The Emerald City, a city controlled by GangstaBets with lands to own; GangWars, a game where GangstaBets battle each other (with a collection of usable assets in the form of weapons, items, and sneak moves) and many more yet to come like Civilians and GangWars on BASE. These all together form the full picture of GangstaVerse.

Even though the origins of GangstaVerse lie on the ICON blockchain, the plan is to go multichain with cities and games on different chains (starting with GangWars on BASE).

These digital characters will exist together in a major city of the GangstaVerse known as The Emerald City.

The Story Behind

GangstaVerse first started as GangstaBet, which was then expanded to be a part of the umbrella brand GangstaVerse. The initial inspiration for the project is ICONBet (the then most popular DApp on ICON), Hashmasks (the first digital collectible with the name-changing token), classic Gangster movies, the everchanging web3 gaming scene, and many more.

We combined everything we had built and added cities and new collectibles (in the form of weapons and items) which come together in a web3 game- all the while sticking to the gangsters and detectives theme that we have.

The Team

GangstaVerse is an international collaborative project between artists & developers from across the globe. The core team has experience building NFT projects in the Ethereum blockchain, and we would like to take that to the next level with GangstaVerse.

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